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Darryl Collins


Most organizations using erpcrm and similar systems only call in a data quality specialist at critical times, and usually when there is a lot else going on already. With my experience in big and small businesses I can quickly get to the key data quality issues that directly effect your business performance.

You may have your own it staff, enjoy fine support from your system vendors or you may be managing without either but whatever your situation there will be occasions when you wonder whether the system shouldn't be serving you better. In particular why can't the output be more reliable, more useful or just plain better? After all, the idea is to get more done, more quickly, with less effort and spend less time correcting mistakes and apologizing for errors.

As an independent specialist I have no agenda apart from trying to squeeze the most out of your systems so they deliver what you want. Then you can get on with running your business and forget about running the systems.

Have a look around the site and if you like what you find contact me and let's take it from there.


Darryl Collins

PS. A good place to start is the solutions section, just select the situation that most interests you.

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Data quality for managers

Managing data quality is not about trying harder or being more careful. It's about including data quality actions in the day to day management of the business. A manager's job is to ensure the business achieves its targets and tools showing the link between data quality and business performance should be on every manager's shopping list.

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